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PT Genie Announces Adam Buglio
as Chief of Sales & Strategy

Adam BuglioOrlando, FL, June 8, 2020 – Worldwide sales and distribution efforts of PT Genie, a wearable patient monitoring device, will now be led by Adam Buglio, who steps into the role of Chief of Sales & Strategy. PT Genie is a digital health company that is advancing the field of physical therapy through its patented motion sensor device and software that keeps patients connected to their providers while they exercise safely at home.

“With a background in occupational therapy, Adam’s extensive sales and education experience in the physical therapy space will be integral as we expand PT Genie to clinics across the country and around the world,” said Bob Malone, CEO, PT Genie. “The PT Genie system is uniquely positioned to help therapists continue their work in this challenging environment, and Adam has the skills to connect clinics with this solution.”

In his new role, Buglio will serve as the driving force engaging physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, orthopedic surgeons and other care providers in adopting PT Genie for their patients. PT Genie enables care providers to not only communicate with patients remotely, but to view the data points of their progress and assist patients in getting better results from their therapy more quickly.

“Value-based programs are important because they’re helping us move toward paying providers based on the quality, rather than the quantity of care they give patients,” said Buglio.  “Compliance to patients’ home exercise programs are paramount in achieving desired outcomes and maximizing value-based care models.  I have been passionate about delivering evidence based, functional home program protocols to therapy providers for the last five years. Now, with PT Genie’s patented technology, we can finally monitor and engage the patient in a meaningful way to ensure these home programs are being completed correctly.”

Through wearable sensors and a simple app on a tablet, PT Genie guides patients through therapy from home while measuring their movements and collecting data on range of motion and pain levels. Therapists are able to intervene if the patient has a problem before a complication may arise. Care providers are also able to see real time progress toward better patient outcomes – an important benefit as healthcare moves towards value-based services.

Use of PT Genie has helped therapists accelerate recovery outcomes. Preliminary studies showed that when using PT Genie, patients recovered 60 percent faster, their pain was reduced by 50 percent and they reported a 70 percent increase in satisfaction with their PT program. Use of the device also encourages patient compliance in sticking with therapy protocols. PT Genie has demonstrated the ability to improve patient compliance from 34% to 78%.

Buglio, of Jupiter, Florida, brings more than 20 years of medical sales leadership to PT Genie. He previously served as Director of National Accounts, Outpatient Rehabilitation Segment for Performance Health where he was responsible for managing all clinical operations and purchasing relationships. His past work includes directing national sales accounts for North Coast Medical, Inc. and Surgical Instrument Services Company, Inc. Buglio earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. He is working towards a Master of Business Administration degree from LSU.

“Adam’s exceptional experience in direct to medical market sales will be a real asset to the growth of PT Genie,” said Reuben Gobezie, MD, Co-Founder, PT Genie. “His vision and strong strategic planning skills will lead the company to new levels across multiple markets.”


PT Genie is a digital health company providing in-clinic and remote physical therapy that keeps patients connected with their providers to drive improved outcomes. A wearable device that keeps patients motivated, measures their progress, and enables providers to monitor outcomes more closely, PT Genie is advancing physical therapy to new levels. Through PT Genie, healthcare providers have a way to measure their patients — as well as their own — success. 

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