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In the clinic or on the go, PT Genie keeps patients connected with their providers to drive better results.

Physical therapy is a critical aspect of orthopedic care, injury recovery and chronic pain care. Studies overwhelmingly show that patients recover faster and with less pain when PT protocols are followed. Unfortunately, even the most compliant patients do not fully complete the recommended PT plan, delaying their recovery. PT Genie offers a solution.

Medical Tech Outlook
Medical Tech Outlook

What is PT Genie?

PT Genie is a wearable device that keeps patients connected with their physical therapist throughout their home exercise program. Through wearable sensors and a simple app on a tablet, PT Genie’s software guides patients through their exercises and measures progress.

This remote patient monitoring system provides real-time feedback and an ongoing connection between patient and therapist to ensure the exercise protocol is helping the patient recover in the most efficient way. PT Genie allows the care team to monitor pain and range of motion, determine if adjustments are needed and address patient concerns before a complication may arise.

PT Genie in home

With PT Genie, patients stay connected to their therapist
and stay motivated to progress each day.

Setting a new standard for physical therapy

In the current system, patients are prescribed PT exercises to help them recover from an injury or surgery. The patient will visit a physical therapist a few times and be expected to continue their exercises on their own at home. Problems may not be detected for several weeks when – and if – a patient returns for a follow up appointment. Patients and their doctors often deal with the frustration of a slower recovery due to the PT not being done properly.

PT Genie provides patients with the personal direction they need to perform the movements accurately, along with a direct connection to their healthcare providers to monitor their condition – every day.

PT Genie not only helps patients recover faster, it helps physical therapists survive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. By using PT Genie, healthcare providers have a telehealth mechanism to stay in touch with patients at home, along with a way to measure – and prove – the success rate of their patient outcomes. This is increasingly important as insurance companies demand providers move toward value-based healthcare models of efficiency.

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Accelerating Recovery

PT Genie inspires daily movement and a commitment to the physical therapy program.

A study of post-operative patients that used PT Genie demonstrated:




in Pain


Increase in Patient Satisfaction

What Physical Therapists & Physicians Are Saying

“PT Genie is a genius idea. Made for the moment before the COVID experience, but magnified 10,000 times now.”

Michael Nochomovitz, MD
Chief Clinical Partnerships Officer, Devoted Health

Michael Nochomovitz, MD, Chief Clinical Partnerships Officer, Devoted Health

“PT Genie takes compliance to another level. App-based software we have used before was on the honor system. PT Genie brings another level of accountability. Not only can we see that they are doing the exercises, but we’ll know it’s done correctly. With PT Genie, we can make sure the pattern of movement is being done correctly.”

Dr. Michael Voight, PT, DHSc, OCS, SCS, ATC, FAPTA
Physical Therapist, Professor
Belmont University School of Physical Therapy

Dr. Michael Voight, PT, DHSc, OCS, SCS, ATC, FAPTA, Physical Therapist, Professor, Belmont University School of Physical Therapy

“PT Genie is impressive. You can combine it with existing therapy and it can be reimbursed with billing codes. Plus, it offers cost savings for patients, which is a big deal for insurers such as Blue Cross-Blue Shield, which may require larger copays.”

Cary Caulfield, PT
Capitol Physical Therapy

Cary Caulfield, PT, Co-Owner, Capitol Physical Therapy

“Reducing the risk of pathogen exposure is important. Patients want to avoid going to centers. PT Genie allows the treatment of more patients, and can give direct patient feedback without requiring immediate physical presence.”

Paul M. Sethi, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist
Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists

Paul M. Sethi, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist, Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists

“I’ve been an advocate for telemedicine programs for a long time. PT Genie should become part of the treatment plan and is great for post-surgical patients.”

Graham Reeve, PT, MBA
Chief Operating Officer – East
U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.

Graham Reeve, PT, MBA, Chief Operating Officer – East, U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.
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Leading Edge Telehealth

As the pandemic forces physical therapists to embrace telehealth to reach patients at home, PT Genie takes this disruption one step further. While some telehealth providers can provide exercise videos to their patients, PT Genie connects therapists and patients with the measurements and data that prove their PT program works.

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