How it Works

PT Genie is at Your Command

Stay connected, measure progress
and achieve better outcomes.

PT Genie enables providers to stay within reach of patients and ensure a more positive recovery. This user-friendly platform acts as a virtual coach and progress tracker.  After a quick app tutorial, patients leave the provider’s clinic with a prescribed home exercise program.  They then use the app to complete exercises on their own at home. The platform provides instant feedback so patients can see how they are progressing, and providers can monitor, interact with patients and make real-time adjustments to their own plan of care.

Physical therapy is an extremely important part of recovery. PT Genie keeps patients motivated to do the exercises and ultimately heal faster.

Your Virtual Coach to Recovery

The PT Genie system an interactive app that provides a customized home exercise program that records the data and movements. Patients receive encouragement and feedback along the way.

The system is easy to use:

  • The patient’s camera uses AI-powered motion detection technology to track movements
  • The app guides patients through the exercises

Patient dashboard shows progress and provides motivation through the exercise program.

Patients can track daily and weekly progress through a personal dashboard. It records pain level, range of motion and exercises completed.

The healthcare provider dashboard provides instant access to patient records for real-time monitoring and assistance when needed.

Provider Dashboard