How it Works

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Stay connected, measure progress and achieve better outcomes.

PT Genie enables physical therapists to stay within reach of their patients and ensure a more positive recovery. This easy to use system acts as a virtual coach and results tracker. Patients learn the exercises in the clinic and also use the system to complete exercises on their own at home or on the go. The system provides instant feedback so patients can see how they’re doing and therapists can provide assistance when needed to keep things on track.

Physical therapy is an extremely important part of recovery.  PT Genie keeps patients motivated to do the exercises and ultimately heal faster.

Motion sensors track progress.

Physical therapists instruct patients to use the PT Genie system. There are two parts to the system: a sensor that tracks range of motion, and a tablet with an app that provides individualized home exercise program and records the data. Patients receive help and feedback along the way.

The exercises used in PT Genie programs were created by the best orthopedists and physical therapists in the industry. Many of them served on the medical staffs of several national sports teams.

The system is easy to use:

  • Small sensors easily attach to either side of the injured joint and chest
  • Instructions on the tablet’s app guide the exercise protocol

Wireless Bluetooth technology connects
the sensors to the tablet.

PT Genie Demo

Easy to follow Avatar technology demonstrates the exercises for the patient.

Patient dashboard shows progress and provides motivation through the exercise program.

Patients can track daily and weekly progress through a personal dashboard. It records pain level, range of motion and exercises completed.

The healthcare provider dashboard provides instant access to patient records for real-time monitoring and assistance when needed.