Home-based Physical Therapy Provider Plans to Hire Dozens of Tech Positions

ORLANDO, FL, June 29, 2020 – Holly Wareheim, of Orlando, has been named Human Resources Recruitment Manager for PT Genie at its headquarters inside the GuideWell Innovation Center in Orlando. PT Genie is a digital health company that is advancing the field of physical therapy through its patented motion sensor device and software that keeps patients connected to their providers while they exercise safely at home.

Holly will lead the human resources and recruiting department, responsible for all on-boarding and off-boarding of employees as well as to lead and build PT Genie’s recruitment strategy. The company is growing rapidly and plans to hire dozens of tech positions over the next year.

“Holly’s experience in both healthcare and the IT industry will be invaluable as we seek talent to help expand the use of PT Genie in physical therapy clinics across the country,” said Reuben Gobezie, MD, Co-Founder and CEO, PT Genie.

Prior to joining PT Genie, Holly spent over four years working as a technical recruiter for two mid-sized technology companies, successfully hiring more than 125 employees. Before her time in HR and recruitment, she worked in healthcare on both the sales and insurance sides of the business. She has helped to implement processes to enhance and improve the candidate experience, built recruitment strategies, and managed relationships between cross functional teams.

“I’m thrilled to be part of PT Genie as it launches products and services throughout the US,” Holly said. “I look forward to using my passion for strategic recruiting to help build a team that will further PT Genie’s success.”

Holly earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Central Florida.

PT Genie is a wearable device that keeps patients connected with their physical therapist when doing exercises from home. The patient wears small sensors while they exercise that send data back to the therapist to monitor progress and help when needed. Through an interactive, virtual reality avatar on a tablet, patients are guided to perform exercises correctly. It provides real-time feedback and an ongoing connection between patient and therapist to ensure the patient is successfully recovering.

Use of PT Genie has helped therapists accelerate recovery for patients. Preliminary studies showed that when using PT Genie, patients recovered 60 percent faster, their pain was reduced by 50 percent and they reported a 70 percent increase in satisfaction with their PT program. Use of the device also encourages patient compliance in sticking with therapy protocols. PT Genie has demonstrated the ability to improve patient compliance from 34% to 78%.




PT Genie is a digital health company providing in-clinic and remote physical therapy that keeps patients connected with their providers to drive improved outcomes. A wearable device that keeps patients motivated, measures their progress, and enables providers to monitor outcomes more closely, PT Genie is advancing physical therapy to new levels. Through PT Genie, healthcare providers have a way to measure their patients — as well as their own — success. Learn more at https://ptgenie.com/

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