For Healthcare Providers


Creating a Care Pathway to Success

PT Genie is an innovative device that makes it easier for healthcare providers to monitor the progress of patients during a physical therapy protocol.  Access your patient’s data through a simple smart phone application to view compliance, functional improvement and recognize areas that need to be addressed.

While EMRs are required in orthopedics, physical therapy has not been incorporated in this process. Thus, there is no real electronic method of evaluating the quality of a patient’s PT experience. PT Genie fills that void. The system acts as an EMR as it provides scalability, portability, accuracy and electronic data acquisition for all patients.

Patient Education

A therapist registers the patient’s data into the software so that PT Genie knows their diagnosis or what procedure they will have and, therefore, what protocol to place them in. The therapist also registers their date of surgery, if applicable, so that they are ‘escorted’ through the protocol in ‘real time’.

Physical Therapy Enrollment

Therapist provides patient with tablet and sensors and demonstrates how to use the device and follow PT protocols.

PT Genie Implementation

Patient begins to use PT Genie , monitored by healthcare team, PT staff.

Patient Outcomes

Current market forces in healthcare suggest a need to bring value by improving the outcomes and interventions relative to cost.

As trends move toward value-based care in orthopedics, PT Genie will help healthcare providers to provide greater value to patients. By improving access to physical therapy services, along with closer monitoring of progress, better outcomes will be achieved faster and more cost effectively.