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Virtual Demos

Functional Movement

The ability for each person to move the body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement is unique. PT Genie offers objective assessments that are customizable. Our solution is the only one of its kind that can analyze the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes with a single sensor. Used by professional athletes and the U.S. Military, this cutting-edge tool can quantify how patients move, give a baseline for future assessments, and create accurate reports that give a real-time, objective assessment of how training and therapy are improving the patient’s unique condition.

Gait Analysis

Differences in gait are subtle. Our 3D motion capture technology turns what would normally be subjective observation into objective, quantifiable analysis. Our reporting gives information about a patient’s gait in detail so a physical therapist or clinician can make a diagnoses that is exceedingly more accurate than the traditional visual observation.

A gait analysis can be used to determine issues with balance, stability, speed, stride distance, gait cycle, momentum control, symmetry, limb and trunk motion, weight transfer, running style, and foot placement.

Injury Prevention

Injuries are now predictable and preventable with PT Genie’s assessment tool. Our advanced movement screening includes a dysfunction assessment tool that helps identify the risk of injury. This technology gives athletes, patients and workers the insight necessary to avoid injuries. Biomechanics can be analyzed to determine proper lift techniques, harmful repetitive motion in workplace environments or if a person should be using a cane or walker.

How It Works

Biofeedback Technology

PT Genie’s 3D sensor gathers movement data using a single, portable, affordable camera. Set up and assessments take mere minutes, and the biofeedback allows providers to show a patient objective representation of movement immediately. The platform reports key insights and depicts trend data in a way that allows patients and providers to see progress over time and adjust therapy accordingly.

From pain management and assessing concussion damage, to the development of superior athletic function, biofeedback plays a critical role in effective treatment and improved movement patterns.

  • Removes Diagnostic Guesswork
  • HIPPA-Compliant Cloud Storage
  • View Movements in Real-Time or Recorded Video
  • Data Immediately Stored and Extracted Anytime to Study Trends
  • Reports Show When, How and Where Improvements are Happening
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