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Changing the Paradigm of Physical Therapy for Orthopedic Surgeons

While technology has advanced many areas of orthopedic care, the implementation of physical therapy in orthopedic practices has not changed significantly in decades. In spite of the many technological advances in orthopedic instrumentation, devices and techniques for surgery, very little has changed in how physical therapy complements a surgical practice. There are no scalable ways to standardize or compare differing physical therapy regimens. There is still no quantitative way of capturing patient compliance. And there is no digital means to measure each patient’s progress through the recovery process.

PT Genie is changing that.

PT Genie allows healthcare providers to closely monitor the progress of their patients and measure the success of physical therapy protocols. The data generated from these patients will enable the surgeon to demonstrate value to the payers based on a clear demonstration of superior outcomes, best practices from validated therapy protocols. Ultimately, the program will cost patients less and help them recover faster.

PT Genie enables surgeons and therapists to improve rehabilitation outcomes for the benefit of patients, surgeons, insurance companies and the people in the US paying the bill for all of this – which means all of us!

PT Genie was created by surgeons and therapists for surgeons and therapists.

Larry and I have passionately followed our interest in bringing value to the healthcare market in orthopedics through innovations in physical therapy that empower physicians to demonstrate their value in improving the lives of our patients. We believe the ability to define procedure and injury specific rehabilitation protocols for our patients and deliver them to the patients daily, while ensuring they are being performed correctly, is a novel capability for the vast majority of orthopedic providers.

The ability to quantify patient participation in rehabilitation protocols enables the orthopedic provider to introduce patient compliance as a critical component of the risk calculation in risk stratified reimbursement models that we believe are going to be increasingly normal in the healthcare marketplace. The ability to collect this data over a large number of patients will enable PT Genie to compare various protocols for the same procedures so that best practice rehabilitation models can be identified and leveraged for our patients’ and our practices’ benefits in a proprietary way.

The best part about all of this for our fellow orthopedic providers is that we have made PT Genie something we can all partner in owning and developing together! PT Genie is actively engaged in broadening our strategic partnerships with orthopedic providers to provide them with equity and incentive to make this company the best of the best in the provision of orthopedic rehabilitation in our marketplace.

–Reuben Gobezie, MD, Co-Founder

A New Standard for Surgical Recovery

In the current system, surgical care teams have very limited supervision or monitoring of physical therapy following a procedure. Data shows that even  compliant patients only complete 35% of their PT program. PT Genie will enable healthcare providers to monitor patient compliance and detect early signs of postoperative complications or failure of conservative treatment.

Current PT Paradigm
PT Genie Paradigm
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Current market forces in healthcare suggest a need to bring value by improving the outcomes and interventions relative to cost.

As trends move toward value-based care in orthopedics, PT Genie will help healthcare providers to provide greater value to patients. By improving access to physical therapy services, along with closer monitoring of progress, better outcomes will be achieved faster and more cost effectively.


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