Smart Physical Therapy: 
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Home-based physical therapy

In the clinic or on the go, PT Genie
keeps patients connected with their
providers to drive better results.

Physical therapy is a critical aspect of orthopedic care, injury recovery and chronic pain care. Studies overwhelmingly show that patients recover faster and with less pain when PT protocols are followed. Unfortunately, even the most compliant patients do not fully complete the recommended PT plan, delaying their recovery. PT Genie offers a solution.


What is PT Genie?

PT Genie is an interactive physical therapy system that guides patients through their exercises either in the clinic or remotely, and measures their progress. Through sensors and a simple app on a tablet, PT Genie provides an immediate connection between patient and healthcare provider.

Comfortable sensors are worn during exercises that feed data to the system allowing physical therapists and physicians to review progress and provide feedback to patients in real-time. PT Genie provides a telehealth option to physical therapists to keep them connected to patients at home.

PT Genie allows the healthcare provider to determine:

    1. If exercises are being performed correctly and if adjustments are needed
    2. If a patient’s pain is decreasing and they are progressing through the protocol appropriately
    3. If a patient needs a return visit earlier than scheduled to address any of the concerns identified by PT Genie – before a complication may arise
Home-based physical therapy
Setting a new standard for post-operative physical therapy

Setting a new standard for physical therapy

In the current system, patients are prescribed PT exercises to help them recover from an injury or surgery. The patient will visit a physical therapist a few times and be expected to continue their exercises on their own at home. Problems may not be detected for several weeks when – and if – a patient returns for a follow up appointment. Patients and their doctors often deal with the frustration of a slower recovery due to the PT not being done properly.

PT Genie provides patients with the personal direction they need to perform the movements accurately, along with a direct connection to their healthcare providers to monitor their condition – every day. It helps patients through exercise and rehabilitation plans, teaching new exercises, guiding sessions, and providing real-time instruction and feedback that encourages the patient to complete the exercise properly.

Accelerating Recovery

PT Genie inspires daily movement and a commitment to the physical therapy program. A study of 124 post-operative patients that used PT Genie demonstrated that they recovered 60% faster than with traditional physical therapy alone. Patients also reported a 50% drop in pain scores and a 70% increase in overall patient satisfaction.

Cutting Edge Technology

PT Genie biometric sensors accurately track the movement of one or more joints in 3D space and record these measurements in real time using Bluetooth technology. This data is uploaded directly to our cloud-based software platform and dashboard for easy, scalable review by healthcare providers.

Ease of Use

PT Genie was built to be user-friendly for both patient and practitioner. Simple prompts guide the patient through the protocol and a clear dashboard provides the data healthcare teams need.

Better Monitoring

Progress is recorded and delivered to the healthcare team in real time to ensure patients get the help they need to stick with the program.

Improved Outcomes

As patient care during recovery is improved, so do patient outcomes. PT Genie supports and incentivizes patients to follow the doctor’s recovery plan resulting in fewer complications and quicker results.